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Our Story

'Food for the body is not enough.
There must be food for the soul.'

In the ever-changing world we live in, we at Food For Soul have noticed the evolution amongst the human palette in the more sustainable, health conscious and flavourful direction. We feel our custom designed, all-vegan and nut-based "cheese" paves the way for a future of Healthy yet Delicious Snacking. Our vision is to cater beyond an everyday and delicious meal, but rather to the spectrum of a gourmet experience that satisfies the mind, body and soul.

Being a vegetarian or a vegan, especially in Dubai can be challenging at times. Whether we are bound to it by choice, religion or from a health standpoint, the temptations are far too immense. Our sensational creation of Vegan Cheese allows one to indulge in the finer things in life in a nutritious, fascinating and dairy-free way. We also cater to every emotion of your taste buds with a vast and everyday-growing selection of flavours.

Food For Soul has been delivering Vegan Cheese to happy customers since the summer of 2018. Being born and bred in Dubai has taught us the sky is the limit, literally! All our ingredients are locally sourced with no added preservatives or artificial sugar. We look forward to expand our product range and plan to pursue various other creative forms of healthy, satisfying and lip-smacking types of food. Today, you can select from a range of flavoured Vegan Cheese or get a platter and try them all!

Our Values

Feel Good


Feel Warm


Feel Together

We at Soul, pride ourselves on these core values. They are the embodiment of our brand and a part of the future of cuisine that we would like to represent. We intend to cater to our craft as an art-form and to our clients as respected connoisseurs of cheese.
Allow us to bridge the gap between snacking unapologetically and your journey through healthy living. Together, we can feel warm and feel good!

Soniya Sajnani

Founder & Creative Director

Hi! I'm Soniya, I am a spiritual healer, a culinary enthusiast, and more importantly, the creator of our signature Soul Vegan Cheese. I have always experimented with vegan versions of foods and finally had my 'eureka!' moment in 2018 when I stumbled onto the concept of making cheese vegan. After years of trial and error and consistently standing on the toes of innovation, we bring you Food For Soul. This is your one-stop-shop for a gourmet and dainty dance amongst flavours that fill your spirit and feed your soul!

Harsh Sajnani

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Hello there, I'm Harsh! I am a serial entrepreneur, a cheese-fanatic and someone who's always searching for new ways to push boundaries. I live for the hustle and thrive on building and scaling up businesses from scratch. Food For Soul allows one to indulge, in the act of snacking, completely cruelty-free, sustainably, and healthily! Let's push the boundaries of the average 'wine and cheese' nights to the next level! Welcome to Food For Soul.

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